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Jul 19, 2023

10 Years Of Helping Millions Staying Hydrated With WaterMinder

Staying properly hydrated is essential for maintaining optimal health and well-being. Water is the elixir of life, serving as a vital component for our bodies to function efficiently. Water helps regulate body temperature, lubricate joints, transport nutrients, and flush out toxins. It boosts cognitive function, aids digestion, and enhances skin health, among other benefits.

The WaterMinder App was released on July 19, 2013 with the purpose to help people achieve daily hydration balance. A decade past since the app transformed people’s hydration habits and created a consistent routine for them. It has been successful in helping people mitigate the problems caused by dehydration.

Throughout the ten years of helping you staying hydrated, WaterMinder evolved into the most advanced water tracker app on the market. WaterMinder supports all possible technologies available on the iOS and Google platforms and is providing innovative and fun features such as widgets, shortcuts, watch support, advanced reminders, multiple customizations, simple visuals and more! 

Below you can see how our water tracking app evolved throughout the years.

Year 1: Inception and Early Challenges

First drafts of the WaterMinder app UI:

Features of WaterMinder 1.0

WaterMinder was created with the purpose of making a user friendly app that helps you stay hydrated throughout the day. The features of the first prototype of WaterMinder app included:

Home screen with character fill

The app showcased a visual representation of water intake in the human body. It helped to understand better what the hydration intake was for the day.

History of your water intake in comparison to the ideal intake

Default three cups and the ability to create custom cups

Hydration progress on Application icon badge shows progress in percentage

Custom reminders to drink water

International measurements of the water intake, i.e. UK, oz, ml, etc.

Year 2: Building the Foundation

The app was released on the Android Play Store with features such as logging default cups,
showing the home screen with character fill, the ability to create custom cups, and regular reminders.

In the WaterMinder 1.5 version, new language support was introduced, such as French, Polish, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, German, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Italian, and Spanish.
Added new feature of logging the water intake from the lock screen
Added support for iCloud data syncing
The focus of the team was to add user friendly features to the application so that the hydration journey becomes more interesting.

Year 3: Broadening the scope of the application

In 2015 WaterMinder aded support for the Apple Watch Series 1 devices.

The app was featured on the websites of Apple Insider, Techcrunch, and WatchWare.

It was also featured in the popular The List TV show.

The app was made compatible with the Health Kit feature on the Apple Watch.

Here are some screenshots of how WaterMinder app looked in the year 2014:

Year 4: Scaling and Expansion

In 2016, two major versions of WaterMinder were released, and new features were added for the Apple Watch.

WaterMinder 2.0 version

The new version of WaterMinder was released for the Apple Watch 2 series. The new features included:

Apple Watch Complications

The term watch complication refers to any additional information or feature displayed on the watch face beyond the traditional timekeeping function. These complications can provide various types of information or quick access to certain features.


A series of interesting hydration challenges were introduced on the WaterMinder app. The achievement feature shows the hydration challenges you have overcome on the app as well as on your Apple Watch.

New Tutorial Setup

The tutorial setup was added so that you can set up the app and access it from the smartwatch.

New Home Screen Characters

New and creative characters were introduced so that you could choose your preferred character and check your hydration progress.

WaterMinder 3.0 version

There were new updates made to the app version for both Mobile and Apple Watch.

The app was made functional and active on the Apple Watch Series 1.

Integration of CloudKit API for data syncing across iOS devices

Support was added for the notification extensions. It also showed the hydration progress in the notification extension.
You can directly log the water intake in the notification extension without opening the application.
The new animator sticker was introduced in the notification extension

Here are the changes made in the Apple Watch version:

A new layout was introduced, showing horizontal progress and buttons at the bottom.

The HealthKit sync feature was introduced to the Apple Watch app

New animated stickers were added

Improvements were made to the UI of the Today Widget

You can now log in intake for the other drinks (i.e. juices, milk, smoothies, tea, coffee, etc.)

Response to the app

It was featured on Mac Stories for the first time.

Year 5: Recognition by the premium brands

On March 2, 2017, a featured video was released for WaterMinder on Twitter.

It was featured on the list of health apps released for the Apple Watch Series 2.

The app was updated and made compatible with the iPhone X device.

It was featured for the first time on the list of the Best Health Apps for the Apple Watch Series 3.

Additionally, Apple’s app store preview featured the WaterMinder app.

A special feature in the list of great apps released by the Apple Watch.

WaterMinder was featured in the video of a new app store release on iOS 11.

It was released on the list of great apps featured: Great on iPhone X

Featured on

Year 6: Global Dominance

New features

WaterMinder 3.5 version was released with added accessibility and voice over features.

The Siri Shortcuts were added where you can log water intake.
The new Siri shortcut suggestions for the app were made compatible with the Apple Watch.
The infographic complications were introduced for the new Apple Watch Series 4.
The app was made compatible with the iCloud Sync feature.
The Dark Mode feature was released in the application.

Special Mention for the App

On March 27, 2018, WaterMinder was featured in the list of third-party apps on the official website of Apple.

It was a great achievement when the app was also featured during the WWDC18 conference.

In the course of five years, WaterMinder was on a mission to help users stay hydrated globally. Here is an insight into this journey:

Thrilled to see WaterMinder as one of the apps used by Jack Dorsey (Twitter co-founder)

Featured on the app story as under:

One of the Best recommended apps by Apple WatchOS 5

Here is WaterMinder spreading its hydration love on the Korean App Store, Japanese App Store and Chinese App Store.

A special mention of the WaterMinder app in the list of Apps and Games we love right now by Apple

An exclusive feature on iOS 12: The MacStories Review

A special note about the app in the review video by Mathew

It was preinstalled on iPhone XS during the launch event

Ranked first in Favorite Apple Watch Apps of the year — Editorial Selections

Year 7: Technological Advancements

On February 22, 2019, we were super thrilled to receive the App Store Editor’s Choice award!!

It was featured in the list of apps that help you stay fit released by Apple on Earth Day, 2019.

Inclusion in the special feature video by Apple Watch Series 5

WaterMinder received the runner up award for the best Watch app by MacStories in their article- MacStories Selects 2019: Recognizing the Best Apps of the Year

WaterMinder 4.0 version

On July 9, 2019, WaterMinder 4.0 (compatible for iOS 13.0) was released with following features:

70 new characters

An interactive and user friendly layout

Dark Mode
New customization options for app icons

Apple Watch app with colorful complications

New Ring Layout in the app

WaterMinder 4.1 version

On December 19, 2019, WaterMinder 4.1 version was released with the following features:

You can now add a new drink type or edit an existing one.
You can view the drink type list and tailor it according to your preferences.

Track your water intake quickly by checking the intake logs in the History menu.

Added goal line to charts
The history view now shows today’s logs for a faster look at what you’ve tracked during the day.
You can track your caffeine intake in the app with the Healthkit sync feature.
Released a new menu and layout for the “Other Drinks” category.

Year 8: Major Breakthroughs

New features

Updates, updates updates were made, now compatible with iOS 14 support.

New widgets were introduced in the app that enhance your hydration experience.

The multiple complication support was introduced.
Released app clips feature for WaterMinder

Special mentions for the app

Featured in the list of My Must-Have Apps, 2019 Edition, by MacStories.

Released a new and breathtaking trailer for the app.

Featured in the newsroom discussion by Apple.

Featured in the New iOS 14 widgets you can try today blog by TechCrunch

Featured in the video “iOS 14 – My Top 10 Features for iPhone Users!” by

Featured in the episode: “Our Favourite Widgets for iOS” by TWiT

Year 9: Innovation

WaterMinder 4.4 Version

You can track your hydration process and share your achievements with friends and acquaintances.

New widgets were introduced with larger sizes.

You can now access the VoiceOver graphs to hear your data.

The warning widget was given a new touch.

WaterMinder 5.0 version

Receive smart, custom reminders from the app and stay hydrated throughout the day.

You can track caffeine intake more precisely with new improvements.
Know your water level just by the notification without even opening the application.

Released a new feature- “Water Level Indicator”. It shows how much water you should have consumed by that time of day. It will appear as a line indicator on the character, reflecting how much water you should have consumed.

Special mentions for the app

Featured for releasing “Track Caffeine Intake” feature on

Featured on the official website of the Apple app store

Featured during WWDC21 keynote event.

Year 10: Many more glass of water to go

WaterMinder 5.1 Version

Now enjoy a brand new version of the WaterMinder app on your Apple Watch with the new home screen options.

WaterMinder 6.0 Version

Enjoy WaterMinder in a more fun, interactive, and effective way with this new version. The app was completely redesigned with amazing features that will transform your hydration journey.
You can now access lock screen widgets and register your water intake without opening the app.
Introduced a new home screen layout that is extremely easy to navigate.
You can now track the water level in the character, where every layer signifies the type of drink.
In the history section, you can now see the data on your water intake in the form of pie charts.
Get motivated with the progressive challenges that will keep you going on the hydration journey.

10 years passed. Now let’s hydrate into the future!

WaterMinder 6.2 Version

Introducing a new “Simplified Mode” – decluttered UI option of WaterMinder.

Now you can create your own cup with multiple ingredients.

iOS 17 and Vision Pro

Interact with the widgets and log your water intake with just a tap. Check out how amazing it is here.

The app is now compatible with WatchOS 10 support.

Stay hydrated while in your Vision Pro workspace. 

On a developing note

The WaterMinder app has significantly improved overall health and well-being over the past decade by promoting and maintaining healthy hydration habits among users. The user-friendly interface, personalized reminders, and tracking capabilities have contributed to its success. Users report feeling more energized, having improved concentration, and having better digestion after using the app.

The personalized reminders and tracking feature have increased compliance and user engagement, transforming drinking water into a long-term habit. The app also raises awareness about hydration’s importance in society through educational resources and initiatives, empowering users to take control of their hydration and inspiring others to do the same. As the app continues to evolve and reach more individuals, its positive impact on hydration and health is expected to endure for years to come.

Remember, keeping your body hydrated is a simple yet powerful way to optimize your health and well-being.
Prioritize hydration!

Now raise a glass of water and stay hydrated with us!

The WaterMinder Team.



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