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Sep 18, 2023

WaterMinder 6.3 adds support for iOS 17 and watchOS 10 with new and exciting features!

Have you tried a water reminder app that just keeps getting better and boosts your hydration level? Meet the WaterMinder app’s 6.3 version.

There are various interesting features in the new version of the WaterMinder app that will add a magical touch to your user experience. After rigorous customer research and studying market trends, we have integrated features that will blow your mind. The improvements are made with the focus of making the hydration journey an exciting part of your routine.

New Features of the iOS 17 WaterMinder 6.3 Version

1. Interactive Widgets – new iOS 17 feature

What if we told you that you could directly log the water intake without opening the app? Sounds exciting, right? Let me introduce you to the attractive widgets where you can perform the primary functions of the application.

You can log the cups according to your water intake.
It shows the hydration progress and the remaining water intake to achieve the daily hydration goal.
A visual representation of your body, and the highlighted version indicates the hydration level.

Now you can enjoy using the widgets with the gradient backgrounds.

Enjoy the gripping animations in the widgets.

You can now see the widgets in the blue theme.

2. Blue Theme

In the previous version, you could enjoy using the app in light and dark modes. The new blue theme will soothe user’s eyes and give them a new experience. It often makes users experience emotions such as calmness, stability, professionalism, and trustworthiness.

3. A brand new UI for the Apple Watch – watchOS 10

With new improvements in the Apple Watch OS, the prime focus is on improving the widgets, renewing first party apps, and various advanced features.

Home Layout



Interesting Complications

4. Colored human characters

You can enjoy the visual representation of your hydration levels in your preferred colored human characters. There are more than 10 types of characters from which you can choose your favorite.

5. Animal Characters

We have launched a new array of interesting and cute animal characters that you can use to check your hydration levels at a particular time of the day.

6. HealthKit integration for iPad

In iOS, iPadOS, and watchOS, HealthKit serves as the main data hub for fitness and health-related information. You will now be able to view the WaterMinder on the iPad and plan your water intake accordingly.

7. Migration from Siri Shortcuts to App Shortcuts

Witness a revolutionary shift from the Siri Shortcuts to the app shortcuts in the new version of the WaterMinder app

Siri Shortcuts helps you automate tasks and create unique voice commands to carry them out. It aids you in streamlining your daily routine and improves the user experience by adding a personal touch. You can create your own Siri Shortcuts using the “Shortcuts” app, which comes pre-installed on iOS devices. After that, you can activate the shortcut with the help of a voice command, widget, home screen icon, Apple Watch, or lock screen.

Now you can perform the routine function with a simpler option- App Shortcuts. App shortcuts are quick and easy ways to get to a particular feature or function on a computer or in a mobile app. They enable users to complete particular tasks without navigating the app’s menus or user interface, saving them time and effort.

You can now use the primary functions of the WaterMinder app via app shortcuts. All available shortcuts will be shown under the App Shortcut section in the Shortcuts app for WaterMinder.

8. Apple Watch widget stack support

Now you can access a wide range of widgets from the WaterMinder app that show specific information. Check out these interesting widgets:

In short, the new version will be compatible with the advanced features that are going to be released for the new versions of the iOS 17 and WatchOS 10. So gear up to enjoy the new version of the WaterMinder app and scale up your hydration game.


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